Preparing Your Youngster

Preparing Your Youngster

Thinking about doing a photo session whit your rambunctious toddler or preschooler can seem like a nightmare but with these helpful tips your session will be fun and enjoyable.

Toddler and Cameras

Some kids are born naturals more need some coaxing when it comes time to get their picture taken its okay if your little one wants to cry or run away or cling to mommy, I can still get some great shots. If we need to run and play to get great photos we can. Here's the best tips for toddlers:

-KEEP CALM your kids know when your stressed

-sitting still is not required, i can run and still get great shots

-bring a favorite or comforting toy, i can use it to get them looking at the camera or to comfort them

- dress your toddler comfortably, yes jeans and a sweater are okay, if you would like nicer clothes bring them

-plan on half our session being for making your little one comfortable

-make sure your toddler is fed and rested, bring a snack if you'd like


While preschoolers tend to follow instructions easier than toddlers they can still be a handful for mom and dad, don't stress though many kids this age love to pose and be adorable for a photographer, and if they don't we ill just go play and they will have fun. Here's a few more tips for a preschooler:

-make sure your little one is fed and rested for our session

-relax they don't have to be perfect angels for me to get great photos

-bring a comfort toy just in case

-Dress up becomes more fun at this age so dress them as nice as you'd like just be okay with it possibly getting dirty

The most important thing you can remember is to relax and have fun with our session

Your Newborn Session

Your Newborn Session

Thank you for allowing me to share in the magical first few days of your little ones life. Below are a few suggestions to help plan and prepare for your newborn session.

Schedule your session in the first 14 days of life. This makes it much easier to get baby into deep sleep and able to maneuver into the cute poses to get the best shots. Day 5-7 is best. I can come to your home or you can come to mine to do the session.

Make sure baby is sleepy and not hungry. A full baby makes a happy baby and a sleepy baby creates a much easier process for everyone. If you can keep baby awake as much as possible before our session even better. There will be plenty of times for breaks to feed baby and meet all their needs during our session.

Feel free to bring any outfits, props, blanket, etc. to the session. I may not have time to dress baby in every single outfit you bought but bring your favorites and we will pick what will work best. Again solid colors and minimal print is preferred. If you have any knit hats or bows or anything else you like bring those along too. Bring a blanket or two from home if you'd like just please remember that light solid colors are best and crocheted blankets are also perfect. I have several blankets and props but am always glad to add a touch of personalization to every session. If you have a basket, or a bowl, or a baseball glove, or a darth vader helmet you wanna try to put baby in feel free to bring that along(or have it handy). Also scarves and receiving blankets make great baby wraps. There really is no such thing as bringing too much to look thru just remember that we most likely won't use everything you bring. If there is an item that is extra special please let me now so i make sure to get a shot of it.

Mom and dad should wear light or neutral colors. Mom, a couple layers will be perfect for you, a cami or tank top for skin to skin shots(white, cream, or black are best), a solid(light colored or neutral) tee or knit top, and a simple sweater(during colder months) and a comfortable pair of pants or a long skirt is perfect. You just had a baby be comfortable and mostly you're just background for this session. Dads, please listen to your wife this time, no you don't have to wear a suit and tie(infact please don't) but you do need to be well groomed. Wear a simple solid light color long or short sleeve tee or knit top, try to avoid buttons. Its a good idea to hang and steam your shirt before our session to avoid wrinkles. Please no shirts with logos. One last note, both mom and dads hands will be involved clean and natural(and manicured if possible) nails are best, if you want your nails painted please make sure your color does not contrast with the colors baby is wearing/wrapped in.

Prepping your home for the session. If were doing the session in your home don't worry about the mess you just had a baby and i can work around it. I am most likely going to do almost all the shots next to the brightest window. That being said please open all your blinds and curtains in the house so I can find the best lighting to set up in when i get there. Crank your heater up, baby will be naked most of the session so we may sweat but baby will be cozy and thats perfect.

RELAX I cannot stress this enough please please please relax. there is no need to stress and when you do baby senses that and will make things much more difficult.

Again thank you so much for sharing your new bundle of joy with me and allowing me into your lives at such a special moment.